ERP Implementation

Why Implementations Fail


Software projects when they fail will often do so in the implementation phase.  When projects fail, studies have found that they do so primarily for the following reasons:

Missed deadlines due to inadequate allotment of resources

Bad communication between relevant parties

Lack of planning in scheduling, resources and activities

Poor project management

No quality control

Inability to meet project requirements

Budget considerably exceeded

Therefore, a final component of a successful implementation is the oversight of the implementation ensuring your best interests are always kept at the forefront by the implementing vendor.

Deliverables for this Phase:


Through experience, we have found that in order to ensure our client’s implementation is a success, it is key that EAG supports you through the entire Implementation including:


Resource Coordination

Implementation Team Training

Data Migration Planning

Integration Planning


Project and Budget Oversight

Requirements Confirmation

Design Validation

Technical Review

Guide Testing Efforts

Change Management and Mitigations

Training Planning and Execution

Cutover Planning


Go-Live Issues Tracking and Resolution

Provide Ongoing Support

Coordinate Subsequent Implementation Phases

Manage and Perform Ongoing Enhancements

“ERP Advisors Group provided the methodology and discipline our company needed to make a final ERP selection. Without their guidance and expertise, we risked a stalled ERP project with a questionable future.”

Chris Carpenter (Epilog Laser)

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