Benefits of an Assessment

Our Needs Analysis process flushes out the real needs you have for software.

By engaging ERP Advisors, you will know with certainty if you should pursue changing your existing software and if so, which types of applications will meet your needs. Our software Needs Analysis process is based on a proven methodology that the world’s largest software consultancies use but it has been tailored to meet the needs of all organizations.

We approach a Needs Assessment with an objective viewpoint by only considering your best interests. We take into consideration how new software can solve your short-term issues as well as help you achieve your long-term strategic goals.

Selecting an ERP

An objective analysis of your current software

A clearly defined statement of how you would ideally like your software to function

List of researched and identified types of software solutions that may work for you including their total costs of ownership

A Business Case Analysis stating the Benefits and Cost Impacts of implementing new software

A Change Management Assessment listing your possible implementation issues and recommended mitigations

An Action Plan to guide selection next steps