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You may not need to change your software for it to better serve your needs.  Even as your organization changes, many software applications can be adapted to support your evolving needs.  And while it may seem the best option to purchase new software, we sometimes find that clients can invest in their software solutions, get the value they were looking for, and not go through the risks of switching to a new platform.
You name it, we have done it for clients.  The opportunities are endless to further leverage your existing software.  Give us a call to find out what your opportunities are.



Our Optimization Services focus on how you can make small changes to your existing software solutions and still get major benefits.  Some of the opportunities we see with clients are:

Provide effective education to users so they better understand the software and can use it more effectively

Add on additional modules or functions that extend the existing software’s capability to automate communications with customers, vendors, business partners, etc.

Build custom scripts that support new products or markets that the current software does not support

Automate additional business processes across your organization using your existing system’s technical toolset

Increase visibility by building out advanced reports, analytics, and business intelligence

“ERP is a critical and valued partner to DRN. ERP has done an amazing job understanding the unique intricacies of our business and the related operational and accounting processes. Combining this knowledge with their broad understanding of the numerous software platforms available in the marketplace, they have made a complicated selection process seem very simple. I have complete confidence in the direction we are heading with regards to software platforms, and DRN will continue to leverage ERP’s industry expertise in the future.”

John Nethery (Digital Recognition Network)

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