ERP Advisors Group (EAG) is one of the country’s top independent enterprise software advisory firms. We are technology independent, which means we have no prejudice against any particular technology. Our roots are in Big 4 consulting and we leverage similar methodologies as the largest consultancies in the world. We focus on serving mid-sized organizations that are resource constrained. We have refined our software vetting and implementation processes to work across industries.

While enterprise software projects are not without risk, we have an exceptional track record for helping clients succeed with their enterprise software projects.  Here is why:

  • Through our Needs Analysis process, we flush out the real needs a company has for software.
  • We are communication specialists and ensure proper communication is taking place between all parties throughout the entire process.
  • We make sure the budgets are real to begin with and that you have appropriate staff to support the project.
  • We provide knowledgeable oversight of the entire cycle of selection and implementation representing your interests.

ERP Advisors Group, truly the most trusted Enterprise Software advisor in the marketplace, as demonstrated by:

  • Former clients, our best source of referrals, very often refer us to their colleagues and friends in their industry.
  • Partners at top CPA firms refer their valuable clients to EAG for software consulting advice.
  • CFO Networks turn to EAG when their clients need help with their software initiatives.
  • Private Equity Groups hire EAG for expert software consulting to their operating companies.
  • Software investors consult EAG for guidance on industry trends, directing their investing activities.
  • Industry Opinion Leaders seek out EAG to share expert and honest insights into the software market.
  • Software Account Executives from all of the top software companies and across all verticals and software types refer their prospects to us for help in making the best software decisions.

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